A pretty bad day ~ December 23, 2020

Wednesday morning we started out with the kids watching their shows and having cereal. We relaxed and read and enjoyed a quiet morning where we (Lover) didn’t have to get right up. 🙂

Then we did a video call with Lover’s parents and talked about Christmas plans and such. After that, we took care of a few life things, fed the kids, and took a little nap. We are still trying to get the stove issue sorted out, and the appliance store we purchased it from is not being super helpful. They offered to replace the stove like-for-like. Only problem is, they don’t have a “like” so they’re trying to sell us on one that doesn’t match, is much older, and has less features than the one we purchased! We’ve also been talking to friends about the possibility of getting a stove from them – apparently their renters brought their own stove and there’s an extra one just sitting in their garage! 🙂 So that might be a possible solution but we don’t have all the details ironed out yet.

Then it was time for our sitter to come for date night! Only problem, she didn’t show! When I texted her, she apologized, she had a family issue come up last minute and wasn’t going to be able to make it! Boo! We were looking forward to a break before the long holiday weekend, and had saved a couple of errands to run without kids for tonight. The kids were disappointed, we were disappointed, it was just a bummer. So we headed out, grabbed some fast food, dragged the kids through the grocery store, and struggled to find those last few items that we wanted. In the end, it was all fine, but it just felt like yet another 2020 disappointment and it was hard to keep a good attitude!

But- tomorrow’s Christmas Eve, and that’s great!

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