Christmas Eve ~ December 24, 2020

We started out Christmas Eve by baking up a storm. We were hoping to get our “new” range today from our friends, but it hadn’t been confirmed yet when I got up, so I figured it would be best to just go ahead and get everything done first thing. We made peanut butter bars, Bailey’s fudge, pineapple cake cookies, and ginger molasses cookies. I got them all finished in the nick of time, our friends arrived just as I was pulling the last batch out of the oven to swap out the range for the replacement one! We thought we had a little more time, but that’s okay, we were so excited to get a working range! I cleaned it all top to bottom, inside and out, and the guys got it hooked up and cranking. Everything works, which is AWESOME! Hopefully this one will last longer than a month – we’d like to not have to keep swapping out appliances every month!

Everyone got baths, and I braided the girls hair. They were so excited that their hair is long enough, especially Keilana’s! I started not feeling great as the day went on, so I took a few opportunities to lie down and rest. Lover put together an awesome Christmas dinner, with ham, rustic mashed potatoes and our delicious loaded cauliflower dish. Then, after dinner, we had the kids look through the World Vision catalog and pick out the things they wanted to give this year. It’s one of our favorite traditions, and they picked out lots of animals this year!

Lover got our gift ordered online, and now that’s taken care of. Such a fun tradition. Then everyone got into their Christmas jammies while we prepped dessert – a fruit plate and a sweets plate. We tried not to overindulge, but I’m not sure we succeeded at that! Then we took the PJS picture and opened up gifts from Nana and Papa. The sunglasses were a huge hit, as were the books! Then we let everyone camp out in our room to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas – or as the kids call it, How the Grinch Failed to Steal Christmas! 🙂 Then it was bedtime, and the kids had strict instructions not to go downstairs without us in the morning! We filled their stockings, and then about a minute and a half later I was asleep!

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