Christmas! ~ December 25, 2020

Christmas morning the kids were raring to go, so we got ourselves downstairs as soon as we could. I put cinnamon rolls in the (working!) oven, and we let the kids loose on the stockings. They were thrilled, and skipped breakfast in favor of all of the goodies in their stockings. The bubble tape was a huge hit as always, along with the filled candy canes and chips.

Lover and I got into our stockings as well, we both got each other lots of yummy treats. So fun! Lover got a Packers hat from his mom, and I got a “do not disturb” mask from Lover. This will be great for the nights when he wants to watch a show, and I just want to sleep!

We did breakfast of a sort, and hung out while the kids enjoyed their presents. Then we did a video call with my family – a longstanding tradition since we’re usually all spread out across the country anyways. The kids opened up all their presents, and then we did our secret santa. Some of us guessed correctly right away, and some of us needed multiple tries! 🙂 We had a nice time talking and hearing about my brother’s wedding plans, and just catching up in general. After my brothers all left, we chatted with my parents some more about their plans to come in the spring. We’re all hoping that travel will be much easier by then! 🙂

Keilana worked on some crafts while I laid down again – can never have too many naps on Christmas! Then once it was dark we headed out to do some Christmas light peeping! We found a couple of great houses this year – one was streaming music over the radio, and had an impressive synchronized light show, the kids were especially excited about the Frozen song. 🙂 We drank hot chocolate and apple cider, and just enjoyed how pretty the lights were. It was interesting to see which houses were hosting people and which ones weren’t in this strange year!

Back at home, we let the kids in our room again to watch The Christmas Chronicles. It was a cute movie, very silly, but everyone enjoyed it. And that’s a wrap on Christmas 2020!

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