The King’s Journey ~ December 26, 2020

Every year the kids make a star on Christmas day, and then we spend the days leading up to king’s day reading prophecies from the old testament that would have been available to the wise men and searching for the star. We take turns hiding it around the house, and then the kids search for it every night after we read the scripture verses. It’s a fun tradition that Lover came up with a few years ago, and I love how meaningful it is! The kids are super excited about it this year. They weren’t thrilled to make the star, but they’ve loved the searching every night.

Saturday was a beautiful day, so we spent a lot of time outside. In the morning the kids watched some shows, and then we got the house decently cleaned up from the whirlwind of Christmas and our sitter came so Lover and I could go out for a while. We did a little shopping, a lot of eating, and just generally relaxed and enjoyed some couple time. After we got home, we sat outside for quite a while just enjoying the sunshine while the kids played. Cassandra asked me to take several silly videos of her swinging, she is so funny.

Afterwards, I took another long bath – they’re really helping me get the aches and pains out and get me back on track to feeling better. Then in the evening we cleaned up for home church – and we went ahead and did more cleaning than usual because the house had really gotten out of control! Once we had everything cleaned up we relaxed and watched another movie, and then it was bedtime!

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