Celebrating the 17th, COVID style! ~ December 17, 2020

Thursday morning the kids polished off the last of the apple crisp we made on Monday from our apple haul. :P) Cassandra slept in, she was extra tired and I was glad she got some additional sleep. I hung out with the kids, cleaned the kitchen a bit, and then headed up to write for a bit. I was chomping at the bit to get that scene I mapped out in my head on my drive written out on paper. I pretty much sat down and wrote straight through for several hours. Lover did school with the kids, and checked on me occasionally and brought me food. 🙂 Then they left to go pick out the gifts for the White Elephant gift exchange we are doing on Sunday with life group. The kids were excited to pick out fun treats and things for people to fight over!

My favor from the ladies’ tea was a tiny jar of Nutella. It was the cutest thing! I ate it with some pretzels when I needed to refuel during my writing session. 🙂 My brother Ben tormented us with pictures of the jamon that his work got him for Christmas, and we all fantasized about having a jamon in the house that we could eat whenever we wanted. Someday! Cassandra and I slipped out real quickly to get her some new shoes at Once Upon a Child, and she was so excited because the sales lady also gave her a free toy AND fruit snacks. It was a great day for her, and she enjoyed talking my ear off!

Then it was time for date night. I was super over COVID restrictions, and determined that we were going out to eat, even if we had to drive to Wyoming to do it! Luckily, the View House had a big outdoor dining area, and it was a nice enough day that we opted for the tent dining experience. We ordered a few appetizers that were discounted because of happy hour, as well as a spicy thai peanut bowl. We followed that all up with a Nutella pizza and all of the food was fine. Mostly, it was nice to hang out, be served, have food brought to us, and not eat out of styrofoam or paper wrappers! It was nice to feel semi-normal for the evening. 🙂 In the end, we managed to celebrate our special day despite COVID’s best attempts to foil everything. 🙂

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