Finally Friday! ~ December 11, 2020

I spent some time this morning, in addition to writing my fiction story, working on finalizing my talk for tomorrow. Our church is hosting a ladies’ event and I’ll be speaking about being the gift to those around us. I spent a bit of time on that while Lover made bagels spread with an herb cream cheese. The girls really liked it!

While they were working on chores, Keilana accidentally dropped Declan’s Cubbie vest behind the washing machine. They tried all sorts of things to retrieve it, but in the end, Lover ended up holding onto Declan’s ankles and sending him down to fish for it! He was successful and even fished out a few other things that had fallen back there! Declan also started the primer today – Lover’s dad made this for him when he was learning to read, and it’s a tradition in our family. Once you can read the entire primer, you get taken out for ice cream!

My mom finished up this crosstitch for me a few years ago, and I finally remembered to pick up a frame for it, and even got it hung up on the wall in the kitchen! It’s cozy and makes me happy to see it. I made broccoli cheddar soup and bread for dinner, and it all came together pretty easily. We also made deviled eggs, because those are always popular in the Kodanko household!

In the evening we hosted friends from Keilana’s class, the kids all played together after dinner and we had a nice time talking as adults. They are a fun family who are also internationally minded, so it was a lot of interesting conversation. They didn’t stay too late, so it was nice to get everyone to bed at a reasonable hour and still have some time to unwind at the end of the day.

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