Writing, Eclair Cake and Date Night ~ December 10, 2020

Thursday morning we got everything put away in the garage, after letting the paint fully dry overnight. It was so nice to get everything back up on the shelves and all organized, and now the kids have lots of room in the garage to play. Lover hung the hammock swing that he got for them, and they immediately started testing it out. Verdict: It’s a huge hit. Our hope is that this space will be a good place to get out lots of loudness and energy and craziness as we head into the cold months where it’s harder to play outside for as long. We may even get a space heater to set up in here too, so it’s even comfier! 🙂

I wrote for quite a while in the morning and early afternoon. I’m still working on Healer – the third book in the Hurricane Chronicles. It’s going well and I’m excited to see it all start coming together!

Lover made a pate-a-choux, baked it and covered it with a delicious chocolate sauce. I got to enjoy the fruit of his labors and gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up! Every once in a while Lover gets into the mood to bake, and it’s usually really yummy!

Then after writing, it was time to get ready for date night! We always appreciate some time together without the kids, and the kids love their babysitters. It’s a good break for all of us! We did most of our Christmas shopping tonight-stopping at several stores to get all the stuff for the kids’ stockings. We mostly do consumables in the stockings, after a few years of trial and error we’ve settled on some fun snacks and treats that everyone enjoys and then there’s not much to deal with after Christmas. The kids always get tons of other presents from grandparents and aunts and uncles, so it’s never been an issue. We found everything we needed (including the sometimes elusive bubble tape) and that was a great feeling. One of our stops led us by the new In n’ Out that opened within the last month here in Aurora. The first weekend the drive thru line was 14 hours long! People were having food delivered to their cars from other establishments while they waited for a burger from In n Out. Craziness!

Today when we swung by, we saw that they’ve set up a looong drive thru lane that weaves back and forth – there were easily hundreds of cars basically parked in line to wait their turn, a set of porta potties, and a heated tent for the employees that are working outside all day and night in the drive thru line. That’s just insane! 🙂 e

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