More Painting ~ December 9, 2020

Wednesday morning we chatted with Lover’s parents and wished his mom a happy birthday. Sadly, although we had mailed out their package the week before and the arrival date was supposed to be Monday, it still hadn’t arrived by Wednesday morning. So it wasn’t there in time for the birthdays. Boo. We talked for a bit, and then headed out to the garage once it had warmed up a bit and got to work painting. We basically spent the day painting the back wall of the garage and the shelf supports. It was complicated, just tedious. Lover got started doing the majority of the rolling, and making sure that we were cutting in far enough to be able to just roll the ceiling whenever we circle back to that.

I worked on listing a bunch of things on eBay, and got a lot of them listed and ready to go. Mostly books and DVDs that we knew we wouldn’t be using. We purchased a used DVD player and a bunch of DVDs off of FB marketplace for $10 a few weeks ago, and this afternoon we sold one DVD set of 3 films for $20, which means we’ve already made back our money. 🙂 Yay for free stuff!

Once I finished listing, I helped with cutting in on all the bars of the bin shelves, and all around that area. It was a lot of work, but between the two of us we managed just fine, and got it done. At some point in the future we’ll finish up the ceiling, and also probably have the kids help us sponge paint the pegboard. But for now, everything is painted, organized, and back together! Yay for a nice, completed project, and a fun place for the kids to play!

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