Clearing out the garage ~ December 8, 2020

Tuesday morning I wrote for a bit. I’m working on the third installment of the Hurricane Chronicles, and happily, the words are really flowing. I’m happy with the progress, and enjoying the writing. Lover called his dad to wish him a happy birthday too. Then Lover took Keilana out for special time, and worked at the food pantry. When he came home, we had lunch together, and then tried to work up the energy to paint another wall of the garage, since it was such a nice day. But, we were both a little low on energy, so instead we just did the prep work – we pulled all the bins off the walls and cleared out as much as we could to facilitate getting right to work tomorrow.

Keilana is writing a book, so she worked more on that today. She’s doing such a good job, and it’s a cute story about a little duck who wants to go exploring. Javi got creative during our garage cleanout – he wanted to keep this hat for days when it rains. 🙂 We were impressed by his creativity, but told him we wouldn’t be keeping the garbage can lid. 🙂 I also helped Cassandra clean out her “special bin” where she keeps all her papers. She mostly kept everything, but she enjoyed spending the time with me, and it’s good to establish the habit of going through our stuff every once in a while and editing things down. Lastly, we listed our defunct oven on CL for free for scrap. We’re still trying to get the replacement oven repaired (the self cleaning feature doesn’t work) but that’s been a whole other saga. Also, our microwave will occasionally short out and not work for a bit – so I guess 2020 is the year of faulty appliances!

In the evening, we got the house cleaned up and everyone went up to bed. I spent a few more minutes cleaning up the kitchen and enjoying the nice peaceful den with the sparkly Christmas lights. So relaxing – and this is proof that every once in a while our house looks neat and clean! 🙂

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