A Finished Dresser ~ December 7, 2020

We started out the day by cleaning up the space room. We were working on making room for Keilana’s new dresser, but the room was in dire need of a deep clean, so we did that too. We cleaned out under KK’s bed and found dozens of lost socks, as well as some tucked in her bed and lots of other misplaced treasures. Then we wiped down molding and baseboards, cleaned some stains on the carpet, and vacuumed everything. When all that was done, Lover brought up the new dresser and we got it set up in place. Keilana loves it, and it’s so nice that all of her clothes fit now! Cassandra immediately claimed the previous much smaller dresser, which made me laugh. We had JUST gotten the littles’ clothes organized in the rainbow room, and now half of the bins are empty. Such is life with kiddos! Nothing ever stays the same for long.

In the afternoon and while we videoed with my parents, I worked on another sketch – this time of Khan. It came out okay, but doesn’t look anything like him! I’ll need to take another crack at it some other time. Lover took the leftover Chicken Biryani and made a delicious concoction with eggs and tomato sauce. I can’t remember what he called it, but my belly liked it! We are working on getting everything ready for Christmas so that there’s not a mad rush at the end – wish us luck! 🙂

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