One Life, and Life Group ~ December 6, 2020

Sunday morning we got right up and ready for church. We wanted to try out another church this week – we’ve been trying to visit new churches on the weeks we have Life Group. This way the kids and us still get to spend time with our friends, and have that stability, but Lover and I still get to visit some new churches, which was something we really enjoyed about the summer.

We drove down to One Life, which meets in Southlands. It took a bit to get the kids checked in, but everyone was really welcoming and helpful. The kids went to their classes without any issues – it helped that the bigs were together, as were the littles. We went to service and were blessed and encouraged by the worship and message. We were also really warmly welcomed by two different couples, which was really nice! Of course I forgot to take a picture, because these days, if I don’t write it down, I don’t remember it. 🙂

We went home and got a snack and played guitar for a few minutes while we waited for it to be time for Life Group. I’ve been trying to play a little bit again – it’s not super comfortable with a basketball between me and the guitar, but the music is so encouraging. I’ve also been preparing my talk for the Ladies’ Christmas Tea that we are doing this coming Saturday. We had just enough ladies sign up, so we’re really excited that we get to get together and have this special yearly tradition!

Then we headed out to Life Group. It was a beautiful day, so the kids played outside most of the time we were there. Everyone had a great time, and the kids were exhausted – three of them fell asleep on the way home! We got home in time to watch the last five minutes of the Packers game, and even caught a touchdown! Another win, which is very exciting. They’re on a roll this year!

A friend has been reading our book, and couldn’t picture the Camazotz, so I promised her I would send a quick sketch to her that evening of what they look like in my head. It took a little longer than I expected, since I haven’t sketched in a VERY long time. But it was super fun, and the kids were really excited to see a picture too. They immediately requested that I draw all of the other characters too, but that’s a much bigger order! That got my creative juices flowing and now I want to sketch a whole bunch of fun things!

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