Chicken Biryani ~ December 5, 2020

Saturday we lazed around a bit in the morning. I got a terrible night’s sleep, so after rallying and coming down for breakfast, I ended up going back upstairs and to bed for a couple of hours. Lover made sure things didn’t implode while I was gone. The kids cleaned up their messes so we could address the state of the floors after lunch, and I finally woke back up around 11:30. I’m so thankful for the ability to just go back to bed when I need to and get more sleep!

After a quick lunch, we got to work on Keilana’s dresser again. The kids and I hung out in the garage – the other three played on the new swing and just kept us company while Keilana and I painted. I also patched and painted a couple of holes in our powder room that had been bothering me. 🙂 Meanwhile, Lover swept and mopped the floors so that they wouldn’t be embarrassing for our guests! 🙂

We have been trying out new Indian recipes, and this week Lover made Chicken Biryani. It was fabulous. Apparently, as long as the spice factor is not ridiculously hot, we are BIG fans of the flavors of India. Chicken Biryani felt a little bit like India’s take on paella. Lover made rice in a bunch of aromatic spices, then marinated and cooked the chicken with the marinade and the rice on top, all in a big pot. It was scrumdiddlyumptious! So flavorful while still tasting like comfort food, if that makes sense. Lover also made naan and a yogurt dip to go with the rice and chicken, and the whole meal was fantastic. We had friends over for dinner and they raved about it, and their girls gobbled it up too! It was so good that we forgot to take a picture of the final product. 🙂

After our friends left, we had time to hang out for a bit and just be together. We opened up another Christmas book, and got everyone to bed at a reasonable hour. Lover’s been giving me a massage every night to address the really bad hip pain I get, and it is working wonders, which is so encouraging! 🙂 I’ve even been able to take walks around our neighborhood again, which is helping my mental health tremendously. Thank you Jesus, and Lover! 🙂

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