Christmas Preparations & Coffee Ice Cream ~ December 4, 2020

Today was a busy day! We had a rescheduled video call with Lover’s parents, and in the morning I worked on getting the rest of the Christmas books wrapped up and the birthday package all prepped to mail back to NY. Lover’s parents’ birthdays are both next week, so we packed a box and got that ready for him to take to the post office.

Keilana came up with the idea to make a variation of snow ice cream, with coffee, chocolate sprinkles and whipped cream! They worked on that for quite a while, and the end result was unanimously voted as delicious! I tried some and I concur. πŸ™‚ Then Lover headed out with the kids to run a few errands while I stayed home to write. I worked on a major scene in the third Hurricane book, and was pretty happy with my progress. Scenes like that always take a few tries, but I felt like I mapped it out pretty well. Hurray!

Cassandra all of the sudden has a really serious interest in writing and drawing. She’s always loved it, but has suddenly progressed to copying letters, writing her name and drawing recognizable objects! How fun! She copied “Jesus” from one of the story books and I was super impressed. πŸ™‚

We tried out a new recipe/idea today – we baked up some chicken fingers, made rice and broccoli, and then made a sesame chicken sauce and tossed it all together. It was okay – not wonderful. We’re mulling over how to make it more interesting… although maybe it’s just not the kind of thing you can make well at home. We will see!

In the afternoon we worked on prepping Keilana’s new dresser and painting the first coat, while Lover put up the big lag bolts to hold the new swing/hammock we got for the kids to play with in the garage. They LOVE it, and are so happy to have a big swing to play with. Hopefully it will serve us well in the coming cold winter months!

By the time we watched Hebrews from the Bible Project I was pretty tired – I kinda slept through it while Lover watched it and discussed it with the kids. Bedtime couldn’t come soon enough! πŸ™‚

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