A Clean Van ~ December 3, 2020

Today we worked hard on getting the house in order. We started out the day with the kids eating the banana blueberry muffins I made last night, and they scarfed them down. I barely rescued the ones I was bringing to my friends house! The rest disappeared in a cloud of crumbs. Then the kids did chores and school while I went to visit with a friend. Her kids do remote learning at home, so she’s in the house with them all day. It was nice for both of us to visit and just talk through different things going on in our life. Her kids needed her here and there, and their puppy is so cute. It was a nice morning.

When I got back home, Lover sent the kids out to clean the van. It was a wreck, with lots of garbage and lost socks and such. They spent a while working on it, and then Lover went out to give them some more guidance. They ended up pulling out all the seats and vacuuming and everything! 🙂 While they worked outside, I got the kitchen back in order, and did the floors. Cassandra picked up all the Legos. It took her quite a while, but she did it!

The kids hung the stockings, and then it was time for date night! The kids were excited to spend time with Emma. We have had to get creative with our date nights with all the restaurants closed again and nothing except shops open. Lover left the seats out of the van and put down blankets and pillows, and we made our own “portable living room” to hang out in. We went for a drive, got some takeout, and then hung out in the back of the van. We ate, played games and talked for the rest of the evening. It was a lovely time!

When we got back home we chatted with Emma for a while, then got the kids ready for bed, opened up a Christmas book and KK read it. Then the littles went to bed while the big kids stayed up reading for a while. We watched a couple episodes of the Crown, and then I went to bed while Lover played games.

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