Decorating the Christmas Tree ~ December 2, 2020

Wednesday morning we cleaned up the house and worked on little Christmas preparations. I’ve been trying to get a package together for Lover’s parents since their birthdays are next week. I also had an in home appointment with my midwife to check on baby’s progress. Everything is good and she’s very healthy!

The kids decorated the tree today with our ornaments. Cassandra dropped and broke one and was really broken up about it, but it can be glued and we all tried to reassure her that it can be fixed and she didn’t need to be upset. 🙂

In the evening we made banana blueberry muffins and shortbread cookies, and then baked them up while the three big kids went to AWANA. They had a good time, and we got some quality time with Cassandra for a couple of hours. I was feeling pretty cruddy all day so we went to bed early, and thankfully got a pretty good night sleep.

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