February 13, 2020

Another cold and wintry day. Lover had an interview that went very well, and we did our chores, schoolwork and lots of laundry today. I made a big, filling breakfast for the kiddos (and we ate the leftovers. Yum!) Turns out I can cook, when I put my mind to it. The kids really wanted to play today, so we did minimal amounts of sit-down work and then they played together for the rest of the morning. When it was time for a Spanish video, we opted for Toy Story 4 in Spanish, and the big three stayed pretty engaged for most of the movie.

Quiet time was spent cleaning up Legos, resting, and for me, chatting with a friend about clothing/costuming for my book. It was a really fun conversation, and it gave me some great ideas for my books as they develop.

We made kielbasa and green beans, with our yummy cauliflower side dish today. It was super filling and satisfying, and the kids all ate it well. During our meal we worked on questions in Spanish – specifically tying them to the kids’ Zumba class, which made it easier for them to respond. They’re really making an effort!

They were all excited to go to Zumba today, and they enjoyed it for the most part. Javi got upset when another girl in the class wouldn’t stop harassing him, and the teacher spoke to us about it afterwards. He’s still excited to return next week though, thankfully.

We were supposed to have a business appointment today, but she canceled late in the afternoon. We already had a sitter, so instead we went to the library and worked on querying my novel. We sent it out to five agents and we have a few more to send it to, and then we’ll wait a bit to see what happens. Very exciting!

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