February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day! Bigs had school today, and they celebrated with their friends at school and made me lovely Valentine’s cards. Lover helped the littles make me Valentines as well, but they decided after they made them that they really liked them and we would just share them instead. 🙂

Lover made me a little card, and bought me a big bag of steak strips. My favorite! We agreed that Valentine’s was a great day to ditch the diet, and we enjoyed lots of yummy snacks throughout the day.

We took the littles to the play place at the mall just to get out of the house. The mall also has wifi, so Lover is able to work there, and we chatted and watched the kids play. Nice and relaxing! We are always ready for a down day by Friday when the kids go to school!

The weather hit 50 degrees, so the four of us walked to pick up the bigs from school. Snow was melting everywhere, and the sun was shining and it felt lovely. Then once we got home we headed out for what we termed “American tapas” which was just fast food places, but lots of fun!

We went to all our favorite places, and ordered just our favorites at each one- churritos and a cheeseburger at Jack in the box, pizza and a hot dog at Sams Club, fries at Mcds, curly fries at Arby’s, tacos at Taco Bell and chicken sandwiches and nuggets at BK. We all shared everything and it ended up being a super laidback, fun way to spend Valentine’s all together. The owner at Jack-in-the-Box thought our kids were adorable, and even brought them extra churritos just to be nice!

It ended up being a full, and yet relaxing day. A friend and I spent the day texting back and forth – she’s putting together some sketches of clothing for my characters in my novel. Super fun!

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