February 17, 2020

Today Lover had off, so we had a free day! We were supposed to get another storm, but the weather changed, so we decided to get out of the house. It was still cold and not terribly sunny, so we decided to go to the arsenal to see the bison, and then to Bass Pro Shops.
At the Arsenal, we did Wildlife drive and saw dozens of deer, a hawk that nearly caught a rabbit, and… the bison! The bison were lying right by the road – which we planned for. We have a joke that when I don’t bring my good camera, the bison are always close by. So, it was meant to be!

The Arsenal Bison herd!

After our drive through the arsenal, we went to Bass Pro Shops. It’s such a cool store with all the taxidermy – moose, deer, wolves, elk, bears, puma, bison, goats, pronghorn….They also have live fish and ducks, so it’s a great place to walk around, see the animals and get some wiggles out. There are elevators to ride, animal tracks to decipher, and tents to explore. We picked out an ice fishing tent, but then decided to keep our money for Spain instead. : )

On the second floor of Bass Pro Shops

After our morning outing, we headed back home for snack and quiet time. We had a bit of an up and down day – hopefully tomorrow everyone will be in better moods and ready to follow the rules. Javi and Lover went out for special time, and then we ate our dinner. After dinner we will watch a quick movie, and then bedtime!

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